Summer Camp

Summer Camp Set Up

Our Summer camps are designed for the age group 9 – 14yrs.

Every day (Mon through Fri) we offer 3 lessons of 1.5hrs each.

  • 1 Horseback riding lesson
        Includes: grooming; saddling; riding (level depends on student’s experience).
  • 1 Horsemanship lesson
        Includes: working in the round pen; lunging; desensitizing; vaulting.
  • 1 Equine science lessons
        E.g.: anatomy; horse health; nutrition; hoof care; fences; colors; breeds; tack and so much more….

This lesson plan is specifically designed to accommodate the Alabama climate. We ride before it gets too hot. The rest of the day we mostly work in the shade or in the air-conditioned office.

All lessons are set up in a fun, interactive and practical way. We have so much knowledge to share that it will not fit into 1 week! Students can easily do multiple weeks without getting bored.


SPACE IS LIMITED, only 6 spaces available per week!

Contact us for dates; availability and prices.

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