Current Horses


Amber was a boarded horse and part of the lesson program for several years before she transferred to the ELC in 2022.
Since she was already known to everyone as Amber, that is why she missed out on a royal title/name.

This beautiful girl is always calm and sweet, which makes her the perfect horse for the beginner/novice rider to build confidence and to improve riding skills, such as steering and posting.

Kids just love her!

Year of birth: Unknown, estimated 1996-1998
Weight: 1000lbs
Height: 14.3hh

Breed: Unknown, probably quarter horse
Color: Chestnut
Special markings: Wide blaze and 3 socks

Arrived at ELC: November 2018


This big & goofy horse belonged to one of our boarders. In the Fall of 2022 he became a part of the ELC herd. Just like Amber he missed out on a royal title, since he was already known to everyone as Clifford (the big red horse).

His bouncy trot makes him an excellent teacher to those students who are ready to learn how to post. His bumpy trot is offset by a really nice canter.

Clifford does like to take it easy. Therefore, it takes a little convincing to get him to work, but when he does you will find that this boy can move!
This is a horse with many talents: dressage; jumping; barrels; trail riding. He can do it all!

Date of birth: 2-7-2000
Weight: 1300lbs
Height: 15.2hh

Breed: Appendix (quarter x thoroughbred)
Color: Sorrel
Special markings: With stripe & small snip on his face; 3 white socks

Arrived at ELC: January 2016


Dauphine is a French name and it means crown princess.


She was born in the wilds of Nevada and captured as a yearling (the BLM captures many mustang each year to control the size of the herds). She spend several years in a holding facility, until Peggy V Riley of the StarDutch Equine took her in, with the purpose of gentling her and finding her a forever home. After a failed first adoption and another 2 years in a pasture, she found her way to the ELC.

Dauphine has been under saddle since September 2019. After an extended training period we ran into some physical and/or behavior issues. Since horses do not talk it is sometimes difficult to figure out if the problem is pain or behavior, especially when neither veterinarian and chiropractor can find an obvious problem. So it ended up being a trial and error kind of thing as far as treatment was concerned.
We finally discovered that she is prone to gastric ulcers. She has been treated and we have her on a maintenance plan to prevent re-occurrences as best we can. Despite that, she’s had several flare-ups. So we continue to investigate the problem and do our very best to find a solution.

So far she has only done a few lessons here and there and we hope that this will increase in the future.

Year of birth: 2010
Weight: 900lbs
Hight: 14.2hh

Breed: Mustang
Color: Red dun
Special markings: Freeze brand on her neck. With star, 2 stripes and tiny snip on her face. As well as a pastern on right hind and stocking on left hind leg.

Arrived at ELC: April 2019


Jolie is Jubil’s daughter and she was born on this farm.

She has matured into a great athlete, who is best suited for English dressage and show jumping.
Jolie is what we call a marish mare and with that we mean that she has a complicated personality. She is willful; temperamental and easily offended, for that reason she is reserved for the more advanced students, who are ready for the next challenge.

Jolie is also availble as an on-site lease. Contact us for more info on this lease option

Date of birth: 5-9-2011
Weight: 1100lbs
Height: 15.2hh

Breed: Fjord/Anglo-arab x Tennessee Walker
Color: Bay
Special markings: With stripe ending in diamond shaped snip on her face; white pastern on left hind leg

Arrived at ELC: May 2011


This one is very special!
Jubil was born & raised in France and moved to The Netherlands at the age of 4. In 2007 she crossed the Atlantic in an airplane to move to Alabama.
Aside from being well travelled and being able to neigh in 3 languages, she is the most experienced horse on the farm. She has been trained in dressage & jumping and has competed in endurance.


On 5/9/2011 she gave birth to Jolie.

Unfortunately she suffered several tendon injuries over these past few years, which has made it necessary to retire her from jumping. Her last injury was in 2018 and it kept her from working for over a year. After a long rehabilitation period it was possible to ride her again..

Despite her health issues she’s still a speed demon who loves to work. Only light weight students at an intermediate or advanced level will be selected to ride her.

Date of birth: 5-23-1997
Weight: 1000lbs
Height: 14.3hh

Breed: Fjord x Anglo-arab mix
Color: Yellow dun
Special markings: With star on her face; dorsal stripe and “zebra” stripes on her legs

Arrived at ELC: November 2007


King is a little older and he has a lot of experience. His brand “CM” tells us that he comes from Camp Mac in Talladega, this is a place that is known for their horse camps. Since then he has had multiple different owners.
King is a fun ride, as he is very responsive to his rider and he has a very nice trot as well as a great canter. He is best suited for the older and/or intermediate students, due to his size and strength. Over the Summer he has proven his worth as our vaulting horse. 


With his calm & friendly manners and willingness to work he has earned a place in many hearts already.

Year of birth: Unknown, estimated 1997-1999
Weight: 1200lbs
Height: 15.0hh

Breed: Unknown, most likely a quarter horse mix
Color: Tricolor tobiano pinto
Special markings: Bald face; red roan spot around right ear; 1 blue eye (r) and 1 brown eye (l); mane and tail are part black and part white; brand “CM” on left hindquarter.

Arrived at ELC: April 2018


Lady joined us in January 2021 as a boarded horse. She was a bit on the skinny side, so we started the process of fattening her up. She definitely started to bulk out, just not in the way we expected her to. She gave birth to little Zoe in the early morning hours of our first week of camp (6-11-2021). Luckily the vet had given us a few weeks notice, so we were prepared to welcome this adorable addition.

In the Spring of 2023 Lady changed owners and became part of the ELC herd. Over the Summer we explored her abilities under the saddle and quickly learned that she is very versatile. She has definitely done both English and western at more than a basic level. We also discovered that she enjoys jumping. This has made her the perfect horse for the student who has the foundations of riding down. One thing is for sure, in record time she has acquired many fans!

Date of birth: 5-30-2003
Weight: 900lbs
Height: 14.0hh

Breed: AQHA
Registered name: Rio Mo Glo
Color: Sorrel/chestnut
Special markings: Blaze down her face, with brown dots at the top of her blaze.

Arrived at ELC: January 2021


Prince is a non-gaited pony with a friendly and playful personality.


His size makes him a perfect fit for kids; his mild temperament makes him extremely suitable for work in the round pen with our youngest and beginner students. In the big arena he can be a bit difficult and he will then teach his rider a lot about: taking charge; staying focussed; thinking ahead and determination!

He does get a little grouchy during the grooming/saddling process and tries to nip at anyone within range. This unwanted behavior is kept under control with a bag of hay and a short lead rope, as well as a watchful eye of the intructor and clear instructions to the students.

Prince is mostly loved by all the young students and dreaded by the older ones, because he doesn’t make things easy and challenges them every step of the way (which of course makes him the best teacher of all)!

Year of birth: Unknown, estimated 2010-2011
Weight: approx 650lbs
Height: 13.1hh

Breed: Unknown, possibly Welsh mix
Color: Appaloosa x tobiano pinto
Special markings: With blaze down his face and 4 white legs

Arrived at ELC: August 2016


“Reina” is the Spanish word for Queen and our Reina is definitely the Queen-bee in the herd. In her calm manner she rules and all the other horses want to spend time with her. She is a chunky girl and it is obvious that some of her ancestors were draft horses (big work horses, that you would see pulling plows in the old days).

Due to her size and strength, she is best suited for teenage and adult students.

When Reina arrived at ELC she was still green, so she was not available for lessons right away. Over the Summer of 2021 she started to do some walk/trot lessons (at that time she still struggled with her balance at a canter in the arena). The students that have ridden her so far absolutely love her!

Year of birth: April 2010
Weight: 1300lbs
Height: 15.1hh

Breed: Mustang
Color: Bay
Special markings: Blaze on her face; socks on her back legs; mustang freeze brand on her neck (left side, under her mane) & freeze brand “2587” on her hindquarters.

Arrived at ELC: June 2020


Sultan was very skinny when he first arrived at the ELC. A few months and a lot of groceries later he was finally able to start his new job.
He instantly got himself a fan-base, as he is a very loving and gentle horse.
Under the saddle he tends to be a bit lazy, so it does take a bit of convincing to get him to work for you. He does not like the bit, so he is ridden with a hackamore (which works with pressure on his nose). He is a great horse for the beginner and novice student.


Year of birth: Unknown, estimated 1999-2001
Weight: 1000lbs
Height: 14.3hh

Breed: Unknown, probably quarter horse
Color: Black, although he is a sun-worshipper, which bleaches him out and makes him look like a bay.
Special markings: A star on his face and a few white spots on either side of his withers (most likely caused by saddle sores)

Arrived at ELC: October 2021


Tilly is one of our boarded horses. As a matter of fact she was our very first boarder. Over the Summer of 2020 her owner decided that it would be good for her to do some lessons. This has made many students very happy!

Due to her size and friendly personality she is a great confidence builder. Although she does have the occasional “off” day. On a day like that she may surprise her rider with a spook or a buck. Most days she prefers to take it easy and she’ll stop every chance she gets.
One thing is for sure, she is a fun ride and she’s the perfect pony for games and obstacle courses.

Year of birth: 2002
Weight: 850lbs
Height: 13.3hh

Breed: Quarter pony
Color: Flea-bit grey
Special markings: Blaze

Arrived at ELC: December 2015


The name Tzarevna (Za-ref-nah) is Russian and is means princess. 

Tzarevna is an absolute sweetheart and loves to be groomed and loved on.
She is still relatively young and does not have as much experience. So eventhough she is fun size, she is not the easiest under the saddle. Due to her size it has been difficult to find volunteers who can work with her to get her to the next level. (The volunteers with the right skill set are usually too tall or too heavy to ride her.)
So far she has done a few lessons with students who can handle her difficulties.

During Summer camp we did some ground driving with her and it was great fun for the kids to work with her that way. Who knows, we may end up with a little wagon for her to pull.

We will continue to work with her, to get her to the point where students can enjoy her.


Year of birth: Unknown, estimated 2014-2015
Weight: 600lbs
Height: 12hh

Breed: Unknown
Color: Dark bay
Special markings:  Few white spots behind her withers from an old injury (horse bite)

Arrived at ELC: October 2021

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