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Equestrian Learning Center, LLC

Our Facility

The Equestrian Learning Center LLC opened its doors January 2016. We have made it our mission to create a safe place to learn about horses and riding.
Over the years our facility has added many new features and we continue to add and improve.

Our Facility Currently Includes

  • Lighted arena with a sand surface;
  • Lighted round pen with a sand surface;
  • Lighted hitching posts;
  • Tack rooms for lesson tack and a separate one for boarders;
  • Wooded paddocks for the horses;
  • Quarantine area for new arrivals and sick horses.
  • Run-in shelters for the horses in every paddock.

Our plans for the future include

  • Transforming a few wooded acres into a horse pasture;
  • Finishing our newest pole barn, by installing a bathroom; a new tack room for boarders.

Animal Welfare

The horses are the stars of this operation, their physical & mental health is our priority!
We work with live animals, to safeguard their wellbeing we enforce the following policies:

  • No riding lessons during the peak heat hours of the day (June – Sept).
  • A 200lbs weight limit for riders.

Weight limit

In general, a horse can carry about 15-20% of its own ideal body weight. Other factors like breed, age, muscle tone/fitness and build play a role as well. A heavier load can have serious consequences for the horse:

  • Increased wear & tear on muscles and joints;
  •  Increased chance of stumbling/falling (which would put the rider at risk);
  •  Severe muscle ache;
  •  Severely bruised or dislocated vertebrae.


The safety of our students; boarders; visitors and horses is very important to us. We strive to provide a safe environment by:

  • Selecting horses with a suitable temperament.
  •  Requiring all minors to wear a FEI-ASTM certified helmet and strongly recommend that all adults do the same.
  •  Inspecting: saddles; bridles; fences; buildings as well as terrain for wear and tear on a regular basis.
  •  Correcting safety issues where possible.

However, this is a working horse farm and being around horses; farm equipment and outdoor elements as well as riding horses is never without risk.

Every person will be required to sign a release form upon entering the premises.

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